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“ I have attended hundreds of training programs by various people. Never saw a single trainer engaging so well with the audience for over 2 days and that too with one PPT slide. That speaks volumes on the effectiveness of the program. A well conceptualized and delivered program. ”
Pawan Kumar Singh
National Sales Head - 3M India
“I have seen excellent compliments from my team about the sales training programs conducted across the country by Neeraj. The impact is excellent through simple yet very powerful, easy to implement tools and techniques. I consider Neeraj to be highly professional and ethical. My best compliments and wish Neeraj all the success”
Mr. Nagaraj Maskeri
Managing Director, 3M Electro-Communications India P.Ltd
“The passion and drive of Neeraj Kumar has kept the participants fully engaged through out the program. This has made a marked difference in the individuals who are a part of this training”
Mr. Bhaskar Rao Tavva
General Manager , Bosch India Limited
“Workshop by Mr.Neeraj Kumar combines NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) and Alpha mind control techniques. These techniques help handle any problems with ease and help people cope with wide variety of issues. Innovative and practical approach in training towards producing measurable results.”
Economic Times, Bangalore
7th july 2002
“ Mr.Neeraj is a wonderful trainer who emphasizes on indian values in combination with wider vision for growth. its rather useful only when followed. i 'am following many of his trained pointers. they are very useful for my routine activity. ”
Dr. Thriveni Shivappa
R & D - Phytoceutical products & Domestic Regulatory Affairs at Bal Pharma Limited
“Neeraj is an excellent trainer/coach having full of energy and enthusiasm. I believe he can motivate any people and can bring change in anyone. Learned a lot from his innovative leadership sessions. When there is a need of a coach to motivate would-be-leaders, leaders and managers, he definitely is a person to count in.”
Soumyadip Pande
Scrum Master | Self Organized High Performing Team Builder
“In my discussions with one of my ex-bosses, i have got very good feedback about Neeraj as a Trainer and thought I should meet him once in my Office. The greatest advantage with Neeraj is, he will grasp what his clients are looking at and is expert in customising "on the spot" with amazing thought process. While he is in the training session, it is electrifying environment and participants love to spend more time (beyond 8 hours). I make it a point that I learn something, whenever I speak to him either on phone or in person. He is a great motivator and a wonderful freind of mine. Thanks Neeraj for your support and all I wish you success in all your assignments.”
Krishna Kumar
Essilor Mfg, Bangalore
“Extraordinary! is one word that comes to my mind when I think of Neeraj. Passion personified, he can enthrall an audience and at the same time speak to you with utmost humility and softness. A graceful human being, I selfishly wish to be with him so that he could brush off some of his passion and positive energy to me on a regular basis. To me Neeraj is first a true friend and then an even greater coach and mentor. My first steps into the world of training were inspired and honed by Neeraj. Unlike many other coaches and peak performance trainers, Neeraj always shared complete knowledge in terms of skills, strategies and tools that came to his table without expecting anything in return. To me this is true greatness. Neeraj is sincere, committed and responsible about anything he takes up. I earnestly look forward to share the stage again with him someday! ”
Dr. Syed Habeeb
CEO & Director at TechUni Ventures Pvt Ltd & Indian School of Business & Computing
“When Neeraj is around there is always a positive energy around. I had a chance to interact with him when he was part of the Six Sigma Black Belt and Coach. His training sessions are excellent and outstanding. He is very good in topic delivery and extracting a exclusive attention. He has got lot more substance than what we think.”
Gopalkrishna L
“Such a charming personality....!!! Neeraj is always full of energy - energising and motivating everyone in the team to achieve the goals...I was so impressed with his influencing and negotiaition skills. He is very clear about what need to be done for the results you wanted..and has an excellent ability to transalate it to the team...An excellent speaker with amazing presentation skills, he was always my mentor during his stay in 3M. Wish him all the best..! ”
Vijay Gopillai
General Manager (Technical) at 3M India Limited
“I interacted with Neeraj during his stint at Six Sigma coach at 3M India. Neeraj brings with him a lot of energy and passion. He is highly methodical and has ability to bring good innovation in work processes. Neeraj has very good domain knowledge of lean work processes and is also a very good trainer. I enjoyed every bit of my interactions with him”
Ashish M
Managing Director at Forms+Surfaces (India) Pvt. Ltd
“I have had several occasions to interact with Neeraj over the years, first as a colleague in 3M, wondering how a person can manage to do so many things so effectiveley and with such amazing clarity and depth; Secondly as a participant in his fantastic , fun filled, educative and experiential sessions. Every time, i have been blown over by his depth of knowledge, simplicity, zeal and energy. Neeraj to me will always be an epitome of a person who walks the talk with superlative performance in whatever field he chooses to pursue.A thorough professional, a go-getter, a fantastic communicator and a great person to share a cup of coffee discussing anything under the sun. ”
Shamik Basuray
Managing Director at Orica India.
“ Excellent trainer! Everybody were amazed with passion,enthusiasm and energy Neeraj has. His training on Influential Leadership was truly amazing. If anyone asks for a trainer on Management I will always recommend Neeraj. ”
Avinash Ramanna
Director at Pramati Technologies