Corporate Training

Training Philosophy and Methodology

We believe that training must produce tangible results for both individuals and the organization. Hence, the training is based on the adult learning principle. because “Adults learn only what they want to learn and not necessarily what is being taught.”. The methodology is an effective combination of knowledge and entertainment.  We ensure that the desired results are achieved by combining behavioral, and process excellence tools. This is a highly proven method to enhance the effectiveness of learning so that they can BE MORE and DO MORE. We must create a learning environment to ensure that people enjoy and absorb the concepts easily and effectively. 
We also believe that training should not be a short-lived, feel-good factor but a long-lasting transformation. To ensure the same, we follow a philosophy of 10:70:20 intervention. Which is 10% training, 70% Implementation, and 20% Review and Feedback. This will ensure the effectiveness and also brings in a sense of accountability for all the stakeholders.

List of programs.

Awesome Onboarding

0.5 day

Onboarding new hires (fresh & lateral hires) to ingrain the culture and values of the organization by changing their attitude and beliefs. The objective is to create a sense of belongingness and accountability for the success of self and organization. This must be their first step in the right direction.

Learning Bytes (Spotlight series)

0.5 day
High impact session of 90 mins to create practical awareness to become an effective professional. Some of the topics include  Communication Excellence, Managing Difficult Conversations, Psychology of Success Thinking, Mindfulness & Stress Management, Managing Conflicting Priorities, Psychology of Leadership, Innovation, and Strategic Thinking, Mastering Influence, Decoding Customer Delight, etc.

Movie Leadership Program

1 day

Ingraining Leadership Lessons through all-time classic movies that can help people understand teamwork, attitude, and conflict management, and many other traits required to excel in their personal and professional life. The facilitation is through entertainment, discussions, and brainstorming about the situations in the movie relating to real time challenges at work.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

1 day
People with Emotional Intelligence are likely to succeed 80% more than people who don’t. This program is aimed at creating self-awareness and manage the our behaviours. It will also help participants understand others and manage relationship with people. This will create an environment of mutual trust and respect and helps in promoting organizational effectiveness

Managing Difficult Conversations

1 or 2 days

Managing difficult conversations is an art. It is easy to create a win-win when things are going fine. But, for real results, we must master the art of creating a win-win in a difficult conversation.

This program is aimed at decoding the patterns of personalities and creating a win-win situation during any tough conversations. This leverages negotiation, conflict management, coaching and persuasion skills.

Art of Story Telling

1 day

Program designed to create a narrative by leveraging the age-old principles of adult learning – Story Telling. It’s the most effective way to get the messages across which makes the message novel, memorable and emotional. The story could range from one liner story to a narrative to communicate the message in any situation ranging from simple meeting to a big presentation.

Sales Mastery (Basic & Advanced)

2 days each

Developing extra-ordinary psychology of selling mindset. Tools and strategies on, How to, decode covert and overt needs and delighters of the customer, develop instant rapport with customers by matching and mirroring tools, Read the body language and verbal cues, win the mindshare and effectively close the sale. Ultimate objective is to convert one time customer to a lifetime customer. This is achieved by combining process and behavioral excellence .The tools used are Lean Six Sigma, Design Thinking, NLP & MBTI

Stress-Free productivity

1 or 2 days

Program is aimed at increasing the productivity without being stressed at work. Participants will learn how to, manage distractions (Digital and People), How to meaningfully prioritize high impact activities, how to reduce non-value added activities, how to execute effectively with least effort and produce high value results.

Leading Self (Personal Mastery)

2 days

Program is aimed at ingraining leadership maturity, identify the leadership qualities and nurture them, changing the attitude, beliefs and values to become a great leader. This will help them to become disciplined, accountable, be able to think big, think innovative, result oriented and develop a purpose for self and organization


Influential Leadership (People Mastery)

1 or 2 days

Program is aimed at influencing others to do more and be more. The strategies will help participants on how to identify motivation levers of people, decode their thoughts and patterns, be empathetic, listen from the heart, and understand the latent needs, identify their strengths and channelize their talents. This program will help leaders to create an environment of mutual trust and compassion and a spirit of teamwork.

High Impact Presentation Skills

2 days

How to mesmerize the audience by learning the strategies and skills of world-class presenters. This program is an experiential deep dive into the nuances of art and science of exceptional presentation skills. Participants will be filmed and played back and corrections happen while they watch their own presentation. The topics include how to overcome the fear, how to structure, how to design the content, how to bring clarity, deliver impactfully and close effectively

Creating World-Class Presentations

1 day

Program is aimed at creating world class PPT slides by leveraging visual design principles, information mapping principles and instructional design principles.

Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

2 days

This gives participants a deep understanding of how to solve problems by leveraging creative ideas and thinking out of box. Strategic thinking workshop involves the understanding the tools of Six Sigma, Visioning exercise and Design Thinking to think 50,000 Ft to 2 ft. with a clear focus on both short-term and long-term results.


Managing Cross Functional Initiative and Programs

1 day

This program is aimed at bringing harmony and effectiveness in any initiative involving team members from different functions This leverages Dr. Bruce Tuckman’s model of Forming-Storming-Norming- Performing to achieve desired results.


Thriving in Change (Change Management Program)

1 day

How to anticipate and adapt to changes easily and enjoyably. How to remove the resistance (psychological and Operational) and embrace change. How to accept change as a norm and thrive for better results by leveraging the power of change management process

Emotional Mastery

1 or 2 days

How to learn to be mindful and enjoy the present moment. How to remove performance anxiety, stress and unhappy feeling about self and others. How to enter into a deep mindfulness and meditative state and neutralize all the stress hormones. How to remove fear, guilt and overwhelm by leveraging the tools of Scientific Meditation Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)